What Can We Engrave?

A&J Jewelers can engrave anything from precious metals to tungsten and steel. We can engrave trophies, watches, rings, cuff links, baby jewelry, and anything else. Just ask us!

We do machine engraving right here in the store, often while you wait. Choose from a variety of fonts, and add a personal touch to any gift or treasure.

Items We Engrave

  • Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands
  • Signet Rings & Silhouette Head Charms
  • ID Bracelets
  • Watches/Pocket Watches
  • Trophies
  • Knives & Guns
  • Lighters, Flasks & Pens

How Long Does Engraving Take?

It depends on the jewelry being engraved and the complexity of the engraving. Some engraving can be done while you wait, others we’ll need to keep for a bit and call you when it’s ready. Come talk to us today about engraving your jewelry!

Engraving is a long-lasting solution for customizing jewelry or other metal products. In comparison with surface printing, it is far more resilient to fading or wear over the years since engraving involves cutting into the surface of the metal. When you look at engraved words, numbers or symbols from a distance, they look crisp and clear. This makes the jewelry, gift or trophy you engrave more distinguishable.

Custom engraving helps you celebrate special events, awards or dates by making words or memories permanent. People often look back on engraved gifts and remember the events surrounding them and especially the people they came from. With many types of gifts and jewelry, engraving can also add a touch of elegance or unique beauty.

Thanks to modern technology in engraving, there are multiple designs and styles to fit a variety of preferences. Engraving offers a cost-effective solution for making gifts or awards more meaningful to recipients. Our skill and experience give you confidence that you can rely on a satisfactory result.

Jewelry Engraving

At A&J Jewelers, we can engrave names, monograms or even messages. Monograms are great for jewelry gifts such as signet rings, which we also sell. With engraving or monogramming, jewelry becomes personalized. People often pass down monogrammed and engraved jewelry pieces as treasured heirlooms to future generations.

If you purchase engagement rings or wedding bands from us, we include complimentary jewelry engraving services to help you commemorate your loved one and your special day together.

We do machine engraving right here in the store, often while you wait. Choose from a variety of fonts, and add a personal touch to any gift or treasure.

Gift and Wedding Favor Engraving

In addition to our jewelry engraving services, we offer engraving for a variety of other products. People often give engraved jewelry or other wedding favors to the people in their wedding party as gifts. These gifts become even more memorable and special with personalized messages, dates, initials or names. Engraved gifts are also great for other special occasions, accomplishments, milestones and birthdays. We welcome you to learn about engraving for these types of gifts and more: guns, keychains, pens, pocket knives, flasks, metal water bottles and lighters.

No matter what you want to say through customized gift engraving, we can help. We have helped many people create memorable, personalized gifts for friends, loved ones and colleagues.

Trophy Engraving

Trophies and plaques often stay on a shelf, wall or bookcase for many years. People pass them on to heirs to keep stories of family accomplishments alive. Because of this, engraving is the perfect solution for any distinguished award. We offer trophy and plaque engraving for sports, academics, professional accomplishments and much more. There are different sizes and styles of lettering to choose from to fit a variety of needs. We will be happy to consult with you on quantities, styles and everything else you need to turn your award engraving ideas into reality.

Why You Should Select A&J Jewelers for Your Engraving Needs

When it comes to reliable and affordable jewelry engraving in the Atlanta area, A&J Jewelers takes pride in being a trusted name. The average price range for our engraving services is between $35 and $75, and there are discounts available for bulk orders. If you have a bulk order, we encourage you to contact us in advance to ensure ample time to complete it. While we are happy to meet all of your engraving needs, please know that we are not able to engrave plastic or glass.

We welcome you to learn more about trophy engraving, gift engraving, jewelry engraving or anything else you have in mind that you want to have engraved. For more information, visit us in-store or contact us today!